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We’ve all been there. Funds are looking a little bit low and the end of the month is looking a little too far away. It’s not even just the luxuries that are taking a back seat, the necessities like food and bills are also being swept under the rug.

It’s not the easiest time of your life when you just can’t seem to make ends meet and debts are piling up and it seems like an endless downward spiral of despair.

I know that any one of us could end up in this situation because I’ve been there myself and I want to do whatever I can to prevent anyone being in a situation like I was.

My Story


My name is Peter Berry and I grew up in a normal environment. My family never struggled financially, but we were never hugely flush with cash – although we were definitely comfortable.

My real problems began went I went to college and began working for myself and earning my own money. This sounds great right? Wrong.

When I got more money, my spending habits rocketed. Even with a part time job, I had more cash than I’d ever had before and it was all mine.

And then the downfall began. I went to university and had to cut my working hours way down and I had things like rent and food to pay for – and yet, my extortionate spending habits continued. And thanks to that, everything turned down.

There were overdrafts, personal loans, payday loans, missed payments, you name it and I was in the red.

But, after finishing university, I was lucky enough to find a job nearly straight away and, after a little coaching from some smart people. I muddled my way back into the black.

About Personal Finance


I’m not claiming to be the ultimate guru in personal finance. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who has the answers to everything regarding monetary matters.

But there is some form of guidance out there for everyone. The path may look different for everyone, but there IS a path out there.

Now, like I’ve said, I’m not claiming to be able to walk down the path with you, holding your hand, but, what I will do is provide you with stories from my experience, tools I use and things I’ve learned along the way.

Maybe you’ll find something in here for you. We’re all just kindred spirits and the likelihood that we’ve stepped on the same, precarious stepping stones in the past is high. We can share this story and this path and we can Add Profit to your life and your bank balance.

About You

This part doesn’t really matter, as the advice you’ll find here is for everyone!

So, whether you’re a student experiencing your first taste of freedom, a graduate beginning to make their own way in  the world, someone saving for a wedding, a parent looking for a bit of extra cash or someone who is saving for their pension – no matter who you are, I want you to feel welcome here.




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