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How can you utilize Twitter to carry out your research?

Gone are the days where everyone will look at the search engines for carrying out his or her research on anything, be it finance or otherwise. Now, the social media is providing are also offering driving the people to look towards them. This is quite evident from increasing researchers turning towards the social media so that their research reaches a wider audience. The role of Twitter has assumed importance as it gains significance in the news or any tweet from different sections of the society.

Powerful Media Platforms

There is no doubt that Twitter has become of the most powerful tool in social media for academics. That is because of the increasing number of people using it due to highly focused and influential networks. It does not mean that any effective means of the social media will increase the research. On the other hand, it allows discussions to take place thus boosting research.

As a result, it allows a greater impact on the research. Apart from having a personal profile on Twitter, the user could think of having accounted for some of the projects or research group. This will mean that every research projects would get a different focus because there is every possibility of your university not having any twitter account.

Easy Addition

Having a project Twitter account is an easy addition to impact the statement that a user is trying for funding. Also, this will mean that reviewers will expect increasing kind of engagement with social media. At the same time, it should not be added just for the same of it. Therefore, enough attention should be paid to identify stakeholders or the public who can engage in social media and have clear objectives.

As far as account opening for institutions, it is normally done by a group. Therefore, if there is an agreement, others could either tweet or send material. Alternatively, you can provide twitter account details.

Big Research Projects

For big research projects, you can open twitter accounts that will keep going on for a couple of years. This means that there is a hope that you can find a successor to your project in the future. At the same time, the burden is not entirely on the user. This means it can be assigned to post-doc, as well as, share with other team members.

There are some ideas too for consideration. For instance, linking your twitter feed from the home page of the institution of your project. You can also add those link in presentations and newsletters apart from putting in an email.

Slides Online

There are other things like putting the slides online especially when you do a seminar presentation or workshop or conference and tweet them. Also, whenever a research paper gets published, the link should be tweeted to the publisher’s website.

Also, the user could quote from speakers at conferences with the help of the conference hashtag. Apart from this, create alerts for keywords and authors. You also retweet if it s a wider and general interest.

Peter Berry
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