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Investment Vs Speculation

To define an investment is a very difficult task for any individual. With the help of investment professionals or financial gurus, it becomes easy. It is the aim of every individual to generate profits from his/her investment so as to meet his/her personal objectives and requirements. An investment can be of different types-gains, income, savings, and capital gains etc.

In economic terms, the “investment” is not a specific entity but rather the accumulation of money that eventually become an asset. The ultimate aim of any individual in life is the acquisition of wealth. For this purpose, monetary assets are put in place such as currency, stocks and bonds. To make the most of the assets, careful planning and analysis should be conducted before making the investment. One important guideline to remember is that a smart investor should always use sound reasoning and economic reasoning. Another important aspect of investment is asset allocation and the avoidance of any form of speculative activity.

There are many categories of investment available in today’s market. Most of these categories are categorized on the basis of the frequency and magnitude of usage of the product or the service. Some of them include – equity, fixed income, precious metals, derivatives, interest and banking products, financial products, estate, and industrial activity bonds. It is important for investors to understand which of these categories they should focus on when investing. The frequency and magnitude of usage have a direct impact on the chances of making a profitable investment while allocating the investment.

The main reason why most of the investors prefer to earn returns from higher risk involvements is because they believe that it provides a higher return than investing in less risky ventures. However, it is important to keep in mind that earning returns from higher risk ventures comes at a cost as well. Speculation is a risky venture. The only advantage of speculation is that it allows investors to take chances without having to bear any loss. However, it is important for investors to remember that they should not rely solely on speculation.

The stock market and financial markets are some of the best places where investors can make money. However, these areas also involve some risk factors. When investing, it is important to look at the risk factors associated with these investments. In case of stock market and financial investments, investors have to consider the interest rate, company management, credit ratings, liquidity and the stock price. Speculation is another risky venture that comes at a higher risk factor than any other forms of investments.

A wise investor should always aim at investment growth rather than return. This is especially important for the investor who is investing for the first time. An investment portfolio should always aim at a higher asset value, higher earnings, a better rate of return and fewer or lower capital gains. To achieve all these goals, an investor should have a good understanding of finance and advice from financial advisors and attorneys when deciding what form of investment to undertake.

Peter Berry
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