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Live Minimalistic Like The Millennials

As a millennial, you are probably going through a rude awakening. You now realize that getting a job isn’t as easy as it seems, the technology could have many ‘side effects’ and that the idea of ‘good living’ isn’t about ownership. This generation has seen their parents work the same jobs for years and paying mortgages for homes, while also handling huge maintenance charges. Therefore, this generation is following the minimalist living styles- a cool new way of living that several people under-35 are adopting.

Here’s how you can adopt the minimalist lifestyle too.


This is one of the cornerstones of minimalist living. Having 50 pairs of clothes and 20 pairs of shoes will do nothing good for you. It will occupy more space in your wardrobe. Moreover, you will never wear all of those clothes frequently. There could be some items that have been with you for months but never been used more than once or twice.

Your decluttering starts with your wardrobe. Make three piles of clothes, accessories, and shoes. The first pile includes the things that you really wear and will need for the future. The second pile is for things that are still good, but you don’t need them anymore. These items could be donated or sold. The third pile is for things that are neither in good condition nor good enough for donation. They go straight to trash.

Do this with other things you own. Cut emotional ties with things that you hold but don’t use and pass them on to others.

Live with less

Can you live without going to an expensive hairdresser? Can you live without going to the gym and looking for alternate methods of exercise? Can you live with gourmet coffee? There are several things in life that occupy our space, time and money but are not essential for our living. Slowly start eliminating all these things from your life.

Train yourself to live with less ‘stuff.’ You will actually start enjoying it after a while and realize how much you were spending on things that neither increase your quality of life and are not necessary for survival.

Save more

This is a less talked about facet of minimalist living. Many people think that millennials are spending their money on avocado toasts instead of building a secure life. After the 2008 financial crisis, millennials have understood that jobs are not too easy to get, they are definitely not permanent, and a single problem in any large economic institution could ruin their lives forever. Therefore, millennials are saving and investing. Millennials are choosing to invest their money wisely as they have many aspirations in life. Whether they choose to look at this, read investment guides or seek help from a financial advisor, investing money has become a way of life. They now have retirement fund goals, emergency savings goals and even traveling goals. All this is paid for with the money they save by removing the cable connection, avoiding paying the mortgage and living a more fulfilled life away from ‘traditional money sucking expenses.’

Do you think you can live this minimalistic lifestyle? Several people now swear by it and understand that living with less means living for more. Start by doing a little today, and you taste the millennial life.

Peter Berry
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