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Spring 2020 Biking Gear Guide

Spring 2020 is coming, and it is time to get ready to hit the roads, trails and mountains. Before spring arrives, you likely want to get together some of the best equipment for your cycling adventures. Whether you are taking to the street for relaxing rides on cruiser bicycles or heading off-road with mountain bikes, the right gear can make all the difference.

Protecting Your Head

Your helmet is your most important piece of gear. In the U.S., the only required certification for helmets is a relatively basic standard set up the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This will be noted inside the helmet with a sticker. Steer clear of any helmet that hasn’t met at least this minimal bar.

Consider looking for manufacturers that run their helmets through other tests. For example, Virginia Tech has an independent testing program out of its Helmet Institute. Not only does this indicate that the helmet is up to a higher standard, but it also highlights that the manufacturer cares about safety.

Think about looking for a helmet with a multi-directional impact protection system. MIPS helps protect your head against rotational forces that can be very dangerous in a crash.

Store Your Stuff

Whether you are riding an electric bike to work or enjoying a relaxing day trip, you need to have some way of holding your possessions. Check out some of the modern storage solutions such as the Axiom Seymour Oceanwave Twin Pannier. This is a simple way to hold anything from a laptop to your lunch without it getting in the way as you ride.

Alternatively, opt for a convenient grocery bag that you can bring right into the store with you. These simple solutions can make using your bike easier than ever. When you can store what you need, your bike becomes infinitely more useful.

Illuminate the Road

If you ride your bike as a commuter or otherwise may be out as it is getting dark, you need to get lights or reflectors. The best option is a front and rear light set. This would make the road easier to see for you and make you more visible to drivers. It can be dangerous being a cyclist even in the early evening. Drivers may be going too quickly to stop easily as they get close.

You can always have some fun with this using more colorful lights if you like. There is no reason you have to stick to the normal white and red lights on your bike. As long as you are visible to motorists, you will be in good shape. Reflectors are good but LEDs are even better because they don’t rely on light from the cars.

Get Geared Up

Take on spring 2020 with all the best stuff. Check out some of the best bicycles for men and women to upgrade your ride. Make sure that you have the gear you need including a great helmet, good storage and lights for your bike. These items will not only make your bike easier to use but also will help keep you safe on the road.

Peter Berry
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