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Top Strategies to Pay Off Your Debt Faster

Getting into debt is easy but paying it off is often difficult. Most people resort to borrowing money without an effective plan to give it back. Sometimes, looking for sales and discounts for your budgeting, such as the HP Ink coupon code, can help you save some coins. 

Some strategies can help clear your debt faster to make you be a better money manager. The following strategies can help you see a significant difference in clearing your debt fast.

Pay More Than the Minimum Requirement

You can pay off your debt faster by paying more than the minimum. Paying more will help you have a reduced overall interest. It is essential to offset as much as you can afford to get you off that debt so you can move on to improving your financial status.

Start by Paying Off Your Most Expensive Debt

The sure strategy to clearing debts is by making minimum payments on every other debt you have except your most expensive one. Focus on the extra income you have on paying off the debt with the highest interest first.

After clearing your most expensive debt, take the extra income and focus on the next debt with the highest interest rate. Do so consistently and you will remain with the least expensive debt, which you will clear faster. The strategy will make you debt-free fast and improve the quality of your life.

Get a Secondary Source of Income

You can pay off your debt by increasing your sources of income by getting a second job or doubling your shifts at work. Most people cannot do so, but if this works for you, it can contribute to paying off your debt faster. You need to include your extra income in repaying the debt. Your extra shifts also need to be permanent and reliable so that you can commit the money to clear that loan.

You can also capitalize on a skill set or a hobby to use the extra money to pay off the debt. For example, you can freelance or write blogs if you are good at it. Some people also generate more income by renting out parts of their home like the basement or garage.

Consolidate Your Debt 

You can combine your higher interest loan balances into one with a lower rate. Doing so will help you pay off your debt faster without payment amounts increasing. You can consolidate your debt using these strategies:

  • Using Your Home Equity

You can pay your card debt by using your home equity. Doing so may give you a lower rate than your cards. As you use your home equity, you will still have closing costs. However, the home equity interest payments are tax-deductible.

  • Transfer of Balances

Move debt from your high-interest cards by taking advantage of your low-balance transfer. The transfer fees vary from three to five percent. However, the savings from the lower interest rate are usually higher. 

Spend Less

Most people get into debt and remain in debt due to their inability to live within their means. It is essential to develop the discipline not to buy something unless you can afford it. If you remain satisfied with less than what you want, use the remaining money to reduce your debt. Once you clear your debt balances, you will have adjusted spending your money on other priorities.


Peter Berry
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